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Bea Case - Muud

Bea Case - Muud

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Handmade leather case for knitting needles Keep your knitting needles perfectly organised with the beautiful Bea case from muud. The case is made by hand from genuine leather and helps you keep track of your many knitting needles. If you are fond of painting, the case is also perfect for storing your precious paintbrushes. Great accessories are indispensable – whether you’re an expert knitter or a novice to the needle craft. Simply place your knitting needles in the small leather pockets to keep them all neatly organised by size. The case features a practical two button closure allowing you to choose the button that fits the content of your case.

• 14 compartments for knitting needles or paintbrushes

• Button closure

• Made from genuine leather

Specifications: Length: 50 cm, unfolded Height: 25 cm, unfolded

Material: Leather Lining

Leather is a natural material, and its appearance may vary.

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