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Sandnes Garn

Børstet Alpakka - Sandnes Garn

Børstet Alpakka - Sandnes Garn

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With its airy texture and light weight, Børstet Alpakka is the ideal choice for creating soft and comfortable garments that are perfect for all seasons. The yarn consists of a nylon strand plied together with the alpaca to ensure that knits will maintain shaping.The brushed finish gives the yarn a fuzzy texture that adds an extra layer of softness to each stitch, making it a great choice for baby clothes, blankets, scarves, and hats.  Simple stitch patterns such as stockinette & ribbing look best in this yarn, as the texture and halo effect the yarn brings will cover any advanced stitch pattern.

The alpaca fiber used in Børstet Alpakka is naturally insulating, making it three times warmer than ordinary wool. This fiber is also breathable, so it feels cool in warm temperatures and warm in cold ones. This breathable nature helps to regulate your body temperature, ensuring you remain comfortable no matter what the weather.

Fiber Content: 96% brushed Alpaca and 4% nylon

Weight: Light Worsted/Heavy DK

Gauge: 16 sts = 4 inches with US 5 - 4mm needle & 12 sts = 4" in a US 7 - 5mm

Weight/ Yardage: 50g/120 yards/110 meters

Country of Origin: Norway

Hand washing with wool specific soap is recommended. Lay Flat to dry.

The garment should be washed separately. For machine washing, we recommend that all wool garments be washed separately on a wool program, to ensure the gentlest treatment. Centrifuge well and dry the garment flat, preferably on top of a towel. Never use a laundry bag when washing hand-knitted wool garments. This creates friction that can cause the garment to felt.

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