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Carita Case - Muud

Carita Case - Muud

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Organize your knitting tools with this gorgeous leather book.

Beautiful leather case for knitting needles and small accessories.  The Carita case is carefully crafted from high quality leather and is an essential bag for anyone who wants their knitting needles and other accessories neatly organised. This practical leather case provides lots of different compartments and pockets for your essentials. The Carita bag takes inspiration from the ring binder typically seen in the office world. With its beautiful simplicity and way of systemizing your knitting essentials, the Carita case is perfect for all your knitting and crochet notions such as measuring tape. scissors and stich markers.

* Quality leather

* Button closure

* Pockets for knitting needles and crochet hooks

* Interior pockets with button closure

* Small pouches for notions


Carita Insert & Case Style A

Carita Insert & Case Style B

Carita Insert & Case Style C

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