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Maker's Board Kraft - Cocoknits

Maker's Board Kraft - Cocoknits

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Foldable board for holding knitting or crochet patterns, recipes, books, instructions, and more.

- Made of sturdy washable paper & metal - Color: Kraft - Measures: 11” (28 cm) X 9” (23 cm) (when folded) 

- 4 round magnets covered in PLA (made from fermented plant fibers called polylactic acid, It is 100% biodegradable, not water soluble, and contains no plastic.)

- 2 small, round, uncovered magnets to hold tools

- 3 strong, uncovered rectangle magnets for propping board and holding other tools

- Packaged in a linen drawstring bag for storage or to use as a project bag

- Tools featured in some pictures are not included. Companion Tools: Ruler & Gauge Set, Colorful Magnets (set of 6)

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