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Australian Beeswax - SOHMO

Australian Beeswax - SOHMO

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SOHMO Australian Beeswax

A handy little tin of pure Australian beeswax for use when embroidering to strengthen and protect the thread. Coating the thread with beeswax protects the thread from abrasion as it is pulled through fabric. Also useful when attaching buttons – coating the thread with beeswax will strengthen against normal wear and tear so that the button remains attached for longer. To use, hold thread between thumb and wax, then pull through to coat. SOHMO pure Australian beeswax is unbleached and has not been treated or washed with chemicals. It features a lovely light honey scent, and colour ranges from a deep tan to light yellow, depending on what the bees have been foraging from.

Beeswax has been sterilised. Store below 100ºF - do not leave in hot cars. 

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