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Weaving Tools Set

Weaving Tools Set

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This tools set is a must-have for every weaver. It comes in a practical and resealable kraft envelop to store your essentials together or bring them with you.

It includes:

- a wooden weaving needle: the perfect tool to quickly weave thicker yarns or cotton string. Made of beech wood. Approx. 17 cm / 6.5 inches long and 2-2.5 cm / 0.5-1 inch wide.

- a metal weaving needle: very strong, this tool is great for tapestry weaving or for finishing your warp threads once you took your weaving off the loom. It has a flat tip which makes it easy to weave up and down the warp threads. Length: 15 cm / 5,9 inch.

- a wooden weaving comb: essential for combing down the weft yarns while you are weaving. Please use gently, they are not designed to use as a tapestry beater.

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